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\title{Few "Practical Rules for Using Color in Charts" color scales}
scale_colour_few(palette = "medium", ...)
scale_color_few(palette = "medium", ...)
scale_fill_few(palette = "light", ...)
\item{...}{Other arguments passed on to
\code{\link{discrete_scale}} to control name, limits,
breaks, labels and so forth.}
\item{palette}{One of "medium", "dark", or "light"}
Qualitative color scales from Stephen Few,
Rules for Using Color in Charts"}.
dsamp <- diamonds[sample(nrow(diamonds), 1000), ]
(qplot(carat, price, data=dsamp, colour=clarity)
+ theme_few()
+ scale_colour_few())
(qplot(carat, price, data=dsamp, colour=clarity)
+ theme_few()
+ scale_colour_few("dark"))
(ggplot(diamonds, aes(clarity, fill=cut))
+ geom_bar()
+ theme_few()
+ scale_fill_few("light"))
Other colour scales: \code{\link{scale_color_economist}},
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