NY Times & WSJ Charts #5

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I found this collection of WSJ plots (http://pinterest.com/pin/98023729360742550/); hopefully, the only time I visit pinterest. It seem that http://pinterest.com/pin/98023729360742550/ (green background) and http://pinterest.com/pin/98023729360267275/ (brown background) are representative plots. I've got that background done.

Can you figure out what fonts are used for the title and other text on the plots? Also what appears to be a color palette use for color/fill?

I'm still not finding something that looks like anything representative enough to be called a NY Times theme. Their graphics are all pretty unique.


I think you're right about the brown background. I'll see if I can figure out the font and color.


theme_wsj is now in the dev branch. No scales yet, but I've put together some examples on a wiki page.


theme_wsj and scale_(colour|fill)_wsj are now fully implemented in the dev branch and will soon be merged into the master branch.

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