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Requestor is a dynamic 'require' statement which reads ruby source code from a web server.

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Introducing the Requestor gem

require 'requestor'

code ='') do |x|
  x.require 'helloworld'

eval code
#=> hello world

The Requestor gem loads ruby source code from the web instead of from the local file system.

  • advantages: quicker than installing gems locally, the source is tamper-proof, no need to reinstall a gem since the latest gem is automatically downloaded
  • disadvantages: gems won't run without a web server, it's harder to maintain version control


update: 17-Feb-2011 @ 8:57pm The url can also point to a dynarex file containing links to ruby files. The schema for the dynarex file is 'files/file(name,url)'. The summary node must include ruby_files

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