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@@ -30,22 +30,31 @@ The above can also be done in block form:
-There are many ways to configure the resulting `config` object...
+There are many ways to access and configure the resulting `config` object...
-The Struct-like way
+As a struct...
config.project = 'other-project'
config.github.url = ''
config.github.branch = 'pre-1.0'
-The block-oriented way
+As a block...
config.configure do
project 'other-project'
github.url ''
github.branch 'pre-1.0'
+As a hash...
+ config[:github][:url] = ''
+Or even as a crazy struct/hash hybrid...
+ config.github[:url] = ''
+ config[:github].branch = 'pre-1.0'
Each sub-hash/struct is a configuration object in its own right, and can be
treated as such. (Note the ability to leave the `configure` method
off the inner call.)

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