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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# yeah, this is gonna take an hour or two to run
# set the heroku app name in env variable HEROKU_APP
# so we can make the right url to siege
# Also local repo needs it's heroku git remote set up,
# and pushable (heroku login etc).
branches = %w{unicorn unicorn_4_workers puma puma_clustered puma_clustered_4_workers}
logfile = ENV['LOG'] || 'siege.log'
heroku_app = ENV['HEROKU_APP']
query = ENV['QUERY']
max_conc = ENV['MAX_CONC'] || 20
if heroku_app.nil? || heroku_app == ""
abort("Please set heroku app name in env HEROKU_APP. Exiting.")
branches.each do |branch|
heroku_push_cmd = "git push -f heroku origin/#{branch}:master"
puts heroku_push_cmd
unless $?.exitstatus == 0
abort("Git push to heroku of #{branch} failed, we're aborting the whole thing duder, you deal with it!")
sleep(12) # give app a bit of time to get comfortable. superstitious much?
1.upto(max_conc) do |concurrency|
sleep(10) # give it a breather so everything gets through the system!
marker_arg = (concurrency == 1) ? "-m \"#{branch}\"" : ""
command = "siege -b -c#{concurrency} -t30s \"http://#{heroku_app}{query}\" -l#{logfile} #{marker_arg}"
puts command
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