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This is a place for me to store my configuration so that when I get a new machine or re-install one, I can set my computer back up as fast as possible.

The opening dashboard look Looking up files

before you start

Make sure, that before you start that you install the following apps that are required for everything to work.

  • Xcode Command Line Tools
  • Git

Xcode will give your mac all the tools you will need to run the scripts.

running the install script

> git clone ~/.dotfiles
> cd ~/.dotfiles

# If you want to see options, run the following:
> ./

# To run the default setup
> ./ all

after script has ran

So if the script runs through and you receive no errors, open a new terminal window and we will install some things that the installer could not do.

I use Volta at this time to manage my node versions and node dependencies. Lets start off by install LTS version of Node

> volta install node@lts

Now lets install some global node plugins globally that I use that are not required for my dotfiles.

> volta install yarn ember-cli prettier

setting up lua language server

To get the most update to date docs, visit lua lang server wiki

Run the following commands

> git clone ~/
> cd lua-language-server
> git submodule update --init --recursive
> cd 3rd\luamake
> ninja -f ninja/
> cd ../..
> ./3rd/luamake/luamake rebuild

Now lets setup so our lua formatter works

> luarocks install --server= luaformatter

open up neovim

We are now ready to run neovim. There are going to be a few things we need to do after we open it. You might get some errors. This is ok and expected. Now run the following in vim:

:LspInstall bash
:LspInstall css
:LspInstall dockerfile
:LspInstall efm
:LspInstall html
:LspInstall json
:LspInstall lua
:LspInstall typescript
:LspInstall vim
:LspInstall yaml

settings for iTerm2

If you are on a mac you will want to use iTerm2 for your terminal. Here are the settings I have configured for it

    Confirm Quit: Un-checked
    Access Clipboard: Check
    Theme: Minimal
    Color Presets: Ayu Dark
    Enable subpixel: Check
    Font: Dank Mono
    Font Weight: Regular
    Font Size: 22
    Letter Space: 100
    Line Space: 130
    Use ligatures
    Use different font: Check
    Non-ASCII Font: FiraCode Nerd Font Mono
    Non-ASCII Weight: Regular
    Non-ASCII Size: 22
    Non-ASCII Ligatures: Check


I do not use it as much but I still configure it for when I have to use it. It can be found on gist


My inspiration of my dotfiles comes from Nick Nisi. The next person who got me into converting my neovim setup to Lua is Chris@Machine. Thank you for showing me the way.


This is my dotfiles that I save to it makes it easy to setup a new machine




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