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2 parents b77d5e6 + af2d4cd commit 4dfcc48699d4ed24942250472855fd39166c57fd @renormalist renormalist committed May 23, 2010
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6 cperl-mode.el
@@ -1852,6 +1852,11 @@ Versions 5.2 ... 5.20 behaved as if this were `nil'."
:type 'boolean
:group 'cperl-indentation-details)
+(defcustom cperl-indent-subs-specially t
+ "*Non-nil means indent subs that are inside other blocks (hash values, for example) relative to the beginning of the \"sub\" keyword, rather than relative to the statement that contains the declaration."
+ :type 'boolean
+ :group 'cperl-indentation-details)
(defcustom cperl-auto-newline nil
"*Non-nil means automatically newline before and after braces,
and after colons and semicolons, inserted in CPerl code. The following
@@ -4714,6 +4719,7 @@ Will not look before LIM."
;; first thing on the line, say in the case of
;; anonymous sub in a hash.
(if (and;; Is it a sub in group starting on this line?
+ cperl-indent-subs-specially
(cond ((get-text-property (point) 'attrib-group)
(goto-char (cperl-beginning-of-property
(point) 'attrib-group)))

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