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fix indenting after last merge commit

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1 parent 3316628 commit 59290d4afeb36487b9818af7a6e3ef6d4b466fc9 @renormalist renormalist committed May 14, 2010
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  1. +16 −16 cperl-mode.el
@@ -7500,23 +7500,23 @@ indentation and initial hashes. Behaves usually outside of comment."
- (append
+ (append
- '("if" "until" "while" "elsif" "else" "unless" "for"
- "given" "when" "default" "break"
- "foreach" "continue" "exit" "die" "last" "loop" "goto" "next"
- "redo" "return" "local" "exec" "sub" "do" "dump" "use" "our" "state"
- "require" "package" "eval" "my" "BEGIN" "END" "CHECK"
- "given" "when" "default" "has" "returns" "of" "is" "does"
- "class" "module" "role" "try")
- "foreach" "continue" "exit" "die" "last" "goto" "next"
- "redo" "return" "local" "exec"
- "do" "dump"
- "use" "our"
- "require" "package" "eval" "my" "state"
+ '("if" "until" "while" "elsif" "else" "unless" "for"
+ "given" "when" "default" "break"
+ "foreach" "continue" "exit" "die" "last" "loop" "goto" "next"
+ "redo" "return" "local" "exec" "sub" "do" "dump" "use" "our" "state"
+ "require" "package" "eval" "my" "BEGIN" "END" "CHECK"
+ "given" "when" "default" "has" "returns" "of" "is" "does"
+ "class" "module" "role" "try")
+ "foreach" "continue" "exit" "die" "last" "goto" "next"
+ "redo" "return" "local" "exec"
+ "do" "dump"
+ "use" "our"
+ "require" "package" "eval" "my" "state"
"\\|") ; Flow control
"\\)\\>") 2) ; was "\\)[ \n\t;():,\|&]"
; In what follows we use `type' style

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