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problem in syntax highlighting for: split /\s+/, $string [v.= mxd-perl6-merge] #5

pamag opened this Issue Dec 15, 2010 · 2 comments

3 participants

pamag commented Dec 15, 2010

it takes 's+' as starting of substitution and wants another '+'

I am using branch mxd-perl6-merge

=snip for testing=

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict;

my $string;
my $x = split /\s+/, $string;

# morestuff
my $nowaycolor;

== end snp==


Interesting. The mxd-perl6-merge branch is more of renormalist's territory, but I will take a look.


I have seen it but have no idea why it happens.

And I already investigated into similar issues from time to time,
mostly without success.

I think it depends on the same monster-TODO as all other
of those little annoyances with my branches:

I need to rebase everything on top of the GNU-Emacs variant,
not ILYAZ' upstream.

The GNU-Emacs variant generally works better than the
XEmacs centric ILYAZ version which I unfortunately chose
for all my work when I started in 2005.

Doing that rebase and with it running through all the merge
conflicts again is a lot of effort - I didn't take the time to do that yet.

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