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(defmacro with-temp-string (string &rest body)
`(with-temp-buffer (insert ,string) ,@body))
(defmacro cons-eq (a b)
(let ((atmp (make-symbol "a"))
(btmp (make-symbol "b")))
`(let ((,atmp ,a)
(,btmp ,b))
(and (eq (car ,atmp) (car ,btmp))
(eq (cdr ,atmp) (cdr ,btmp))))))
(defmacro push-test (var)
`(setq ,var (append ,var (list (cons counter message)))))
(defun mk-testmore-error (file line error)
(list file line error))
(defun runtests (&rest tests)
(let ((buf (or (get-buffer "*runtests*")
(get-buffer-create "*runtests*")))
(counter 0)
pass fail)
(switch-to-buffer-other-window buf)
(goto-char (point-max))
(while tests
(let ((test (car tests)))
(setq counter (+ 1 counter))
(setq tests (cdr tests))
(let ((passed (car test))
(message (cdr test)))
(if message "%s %d - %s\n" "%s %d\n")
(if passed (progn (push-test pass) "ok")
(progn (push-test fail) "not ok"))
counter message)))))
(insert (format "Result: %s\n\n" (if (not fail) "PASS" "FAIL")))
(list pass fail)))
(defun is-deeply (got expected &optional message)
(let ((result (cons-eq got expected)))
(if (not result)
(setq message
(concat message
(format "\n# got: %s\n# expected: %s" got expected))))
(cons result message)))
(provide 'test-more)
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