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;;; clhs.el -- access the Common Lisp HyperSpec (CLHS)
;;; this works with both
;;; * the "long file name" version released by Harlequin and available
;;; at the ALU (Association of Lisp Users) web site as
;;; <> and
;;; * the "8.3 file name" version released later by Xanalys and available at
;;; <>
;;; and downloadable as
;;; <>
;;; This is accomplished by not hard-wiring the symbol->file table
;;; but reading the Data/<map> file instead
;;; Copyright (C) 2002-2008 Sam Steingold <>
;;; Keywords: lisp, common lisp, emacs, ANSI CL, hyperspec
;;; released under the GNU GPL <>
;;; as a part of GNU CLISP <>, <>
;;; Commentary:
;; Kent Pitman and the Harlequin Group (later Xanalys) have made the
;; text of the "American National Standard for Information Technology --
;; Programming Language -- Common Lisp", ANSI X3.226-1994 available on
;; the WWW, in the form of the Common Lisp HyperSpec. This package
;; makes it convenient to peruse this documentation from within Emacs.
;; This is inspired by the Erik Naggum's version of 1997.
;;; Code:
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl)) ; push
(require 'browse-url)
(require 'thingatpt)
(require 'url)
(defcustom common-lisp-hyperspec-root
;; ""
;; ""
"*The root of the Common Lisp HyperSpec URL.
If you copy the HyperSpec to your local system, set this variable to
something like \"file:/usr/local/doc/HyperSpec/\"."
:group 'lisp
:type 'string)
(defvar clhs-history nil
"History of symbols looked up in the Common Lisp HyperSpec so far.")
(defvar clhs-symbols nil)
(defun clhs-table-buffer (&optional root)
(unless root (setq root common-lisp-hyperspec-root))
(if (string-match "^file:/" root)
(with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create " *clhs-tmp-buf*")
(let* ((d (concat (substring root 6) "/Data/"))
(f (concat d "Map_Sym.txt")))
(if (file-exists-p f) f
(setq f (concat d "Symbol-Table.text"))
(if (file-exists-p f) f
(error "no symbol table at %s" root))))
nil nil nil t)
(goto-char 0)
(let* ((d (concat root "/Data/"))
(f (concat d "Map_Sym.txt")))
(set-buffer (url-retrieve-synchronously f))
(goto-char 0)
(unless (looking-at "^HTTP/.*200 *OK$")
(kill-buffer (current-buffer))
(setq f (concat d "Symbol-Table.text"))
(set-buffer (url-retrieve-synchronously f))
(goto-char 0)
(unless (looking-at "^HTTP/.*200 *OK$")
(kill-buffer (current-buffer))
(error "no symbol table at %s" root)))
;; skip to the first symbol
(search-forward "\n\n")
(defun clhs-read-symbols ()
"read `clhs-symbols' from the current position in the current buffer"
(while (not (eobp))
(puthash (buffer-substring-no-properties ; symbol
(line-beginning-position) (line-end-position))
(progn (forward-line 1) ; file name
(buffer-substring-no-properties ; strip "../"
(+ 3 (line-beginning-position)) (line-end-position)))
(forward-line 1)))
(defun clhs-symbols ()
"Get `clhs-symbols' from `common-lisp-hyperspec-root'."
(if (and clhs-symbols (not (= 0 (hash-table-count clhs-symbols))))
(with-current-buffer (clhs-table-buffer)
(unless clhs-symbols
(setq clhs-symbols (make-hash-table :test 'equal :size 1031)))
(kill-buffer (current-buffer))
(defun hash-table-complete (string table how)
"This makes it possible to use hash-tables with `completing-read'.
Actually, `completing-read' in Emacs 22 accepts hash-tables natively."
(let ((res nil) (st (upcase string)) (len (length string)))
(maphash (lambda (key val)
(when (and (<= len (length key))
(string= st (substring key 0 len)))
(push key res)))
(if how
res ; `all-completions'
(if (cdr res)
(try-completion st (mapcar #'list res))
(if (string= st (car res))
(car res))))))
(defun common-lisp-hyperspec (symbol-name)
"Browse the Common Lisp HyperSpec documentation for SYMBOL-NAME.
Finds the HyperSpec at `common-lisp-hyperspec-root'."
(interactive (list (let ((sym (thing-at-point 'symbol))
(completion-ignore-case t))
"Look-up symbol in the Common Lisp HyperSpec: "
#'hash-table-complete (clhs-symbols)
t sym 'clhs-history))))
(unless (= ?/ (aref common-lisp-hyperspec-root
(1- (length common-lisp-hyperspec-root))))
(setq common-lisp-hyperspec-root
(concat common-lisp-hyperspec-root "/")))
(browse-url (concat common-lisp-hyperspec-root
(gethash (upcase symbol-name) (clhs-symbols)))))
(provide 'clhs)