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Commits on Oct 03, 2012
@jrockway use C-c C-k for eproject-compile 996af6d
@jrockway guide users towards contributing! 79c4abb
@jrockway expose logic for determining whether a file is a member of a project
(as eproject-classify-file)
@jrockway add eproject-tags
an extension to automatically regenerate TAGS whenever a file in the
project is changed
@stsquad stsquad Projects often have special ways of building them or a number of
different build modes. This adds the feature to eproject-compile to
have a history based on a project defined :common-compiles. For

(define-project-type rockbox
  (look-for "../rockbox.git/rbutil")
  :common-compiles ("make" "make install" "make fullzip"))
@doitian doitian Use append in eproject--linearized-isa
nanoc leads to infinit loop for grandson types, e.g.

    (define-project-type generic-bundle (generic-git) (look-for "Gemfile")
      :irrelevant-files ("^[.]" "^[#]" ".git/" "vendor"))
@antono antono Anything.el integration f8ceb9f
@antono antono Add ruby and ruby-on-rails project types faa4d47
@jrockway add info for users to lang/README 57f2b55
@jrockway add perl project type; stolen from my _local/cperl-project.el 043f726
@antono antono require 'etags, otherwise getting error in process sentinel
   error in process sentinel: let: Symbol's function definition is void: tags-verify-table
@greboide greboide * eproject-extras.el:
added helm support
@greboide greboide #17 removed from eproject-extras, added to contrib and some minor
enhancements on readability
@stsquad stsquad eproject-extras: Use compile-command as the first input into eproject…

The use case I ran into was trying to compile a dotty diagram which
the mode had helpfully set a local compile-command. However this
didn't exist in my project stuff which was a pain.
@stsquad stsquad Move compile related stuff into contrib/eproject-compile.el c515572
@dgutov dgutov (eproject--search-directory-tree): Do not walk through ignored dirs
Plus a small optimization of never calling `file-directory-p` twice.
@jrockway clean up eproject-compile a bit f5f6765
@antono antono Improved ruby and rails projects
  - removed relevant files from rails project, only
    irrelevant should be ignored
  - add .ruby-version and .rvenv-version and *.gemspec as
    ruby project markers
@antono antono helm: search for relevant files and discard irrelevant 8735c8f
@antono antono fix helm-eproject 8e1541e
@escherdragon escherdragon Allow eproject to work not only with dired-mode, but also with modes …
…derived from it.

See escherdragon/sunrise-commander#9 -- this is an
issue reported by a user of the Sunrise Commander who happens to be also an
eproject user. SC has major mode `sr-mode' which is a mode derived from
@dudebout dudebout Fixed the end of string in `auto-mode-alist` regexp.
`$` could match a newline whereas `\\'` cannot.
@tkf tkf Do not redefine anything-for-buffers 0308611
@tkf tkf Add autoload cookies in eproject-anything.el 4f40f28
@tkf tkf Autoload eproject--project-buffers
Otherwise, autoloading functions/variables in eproject-anything
does not work unless eproject-extras is loaded explicitly.
@tkf tkf Fix compilation warning in eproject-anything.el e376231
@tkf tkf Do not modify global key in helm-eproject.el
Instead, eproject-helm-configure is added.  User can call this
function when s/he wants to use the original configuration.
@tkf tkf Add generic-hg/bzr/darcs project types c5c8028
@tkf tkf Fix commentary in eproject-anything.el c2a6549
@thomasf thomasf Updated helm-eproject
- Use helm api functions for finding files.
- Change the heading to something more like other helm headings.
- Removed trailing spaces.
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