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(in-package #:hairball)
(defvar *path-dispatch-table* nil
"Alist of path => handler pairs")
(defun clear-action-table ()
(setf *path-dispatch-table* nil))
(defun add-action (prefix action)
(when (not (eq (aref prefix 0) #\/))
(setf prefix (format nil "/~A" prefix)))
(push (cons prefix action) *path-dispatch-table*))
(defun compare-actions (a b)
;; ensure that longest path matches first
(> (length (car a)) (length (car b))))
(defun get-action-handlers-1 ()
(sort *path-dispatch-table* #'compare-actions))
(defun get-action-handlers ()
(loop for (path . action) in (get-action-handlers-1)
collect (create-prefix-dispatcher path action)))
(defun uri-for-action (action)
(let ((path (rassoc action *path-dispatch-table*)))
(if (not path)
(error (format nil "~A is not in the path dispatch table!" action))
(setf path (car path)))
(if (not (boundp '*request*))
(format nil "http://test~A" path) ; for tests
(let ((scheme (if (ssl-p) "https" "http")))
(format nil "~A://~A~A" scheme (host) path)))))