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(in-package :hairball)
(defun init-test-database nil
(let ((+database-directory+ #P"/tmp/db-test/"))
(format t "database dir is ~A ~%" +database-directory+)
(cl-fad:delete-directory-and-files +database-directory+ :if-does-not-exist :ignore)
(ensure-directories-exist +database-directory+ :verbose t)
(defun runtests (&optional &rest args)
(apply #'run! args))
(def-suite data-model :description "basic data model functionality tests")
(in-suite data-model)
(test user-basics
"maipulate user objects"
(signals (error) (get-user "foo"))
(let (user)
(setf user (make-instance 'user :username "foo" :password "test")))
(is (eq (class-name (class-of user)) 'user) "created a user ok")
(is (eq (get-user "foo") user) "get-user returns our user")
(is (equal (password user) "test") "got password")
(is (endp (pset-list (emails user))) "no emails yet")
(finishes (add-email user "") "add an email")
(is (equal (car (pset-list (emails user))) "") "lookup email")))
(test upload-basics
"upload files"
(let (user upload)
(setf user (make-instance 'user :username "upload-test")))
(setf upload (start-upload user #P"/tmp/foo" )) "created upload ok")
(is (eq (class-name (class-of upload)) 'partial-upload) "upload is partial")
(is (eq (car (pset-list (uploads user))) upload) "user has upload")
(finishes (finish-upload upload) "finish-upload lives")
(is (eq (class-name (class-of upload)) 'upload) "upload class changed"))
(is (eq
(class-name (class-of
(car (pset-list (uploads (get-user "upload-test"))))))
"class change stored to database ok"))
(test action-manager "add-action, uri-for-action"
(let (*path-dispatch-table*)
(flet ((foo () "foo")
(bar () "bar")
(foo-bar () "foo-bar"))
(finishes (add-action "foo/bar" #'foo-bar))
(finishes (add-action "/foo" #'foo))
(finishes (add-action "bar" #'bar))
(is (string= (uri-for-action #'foo) "http://test/foo"))
(is (string= (uri-for-action #'foo-bar) "http://test/foo/bar"))
(is (string= (uri-for-action #'bar) "http://test/bar"))
(signals (simple-error) (uri-for-action (lambda ()))))
(let (handlers)
(finishes (setf handlers (get-action-handlers-1)))
(is (not (endp handlers)) "added some actions?")
(is (equal (caar handlers) "/foo/bar") "longest path is first"))))