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Revision history for Perl extension HTTP::Engine
0.1.7 2009-04-13T12:55:44+09:00
- use Exporter instead of Sub::Exporter
0.1.6 2009-04-10T18:12:55+09:00
- quieted warnings of newest Moose and Mouse
- t/010_core/request-as_string.t : showt up the proxy error
- use Module::Install::Repository
0.1.5 2009-03-25T17:44:49+09:00
- Interface::ServerSimple
Net::Server configuration support
wrote of attributes documentation
0.1.4_04 2009-03-13T13:23:57+09:00
- add HTTP::Engine::Test::Request
- Interface::Test
changed to request parameter builder by HTTP::Engine::Test::Request
display warnings when output flagged utf8 string
- fixed RT #41356
0.1.4_03 2009-03-07T18:01:45+09:00
- few update
- tests
fixed RT #41356, cleanup the temp dir
fixed slowly test problem
- Interface::ServerSimple
print the good banner :)
- Interface::Test
more strict argument validation
0.1.4 2009-02-20T14:26:58+09:00
- release to Any::Moose HTTP::Engine
0.1.4_02 2009-02-19T12:10:00+09:00
- fixed to some test case for moose and mod_perl
0.1.4_01 2009-02-18T19:24:39+09:00
- switched to Any::Moose
- Interface::ModPerl
supported to any server_name application
0.1.3 2009-02-12T22:02:05+09:00
- split to ResponseWriter::OutputHeader from ResponseWrite::Finalize
- Interface::ModPerl
cleanup to code
- Interface::Test
supported to response body in file handles
- Interface::POE
take a host/port information from the 'Host' header
we can avoid's utf-8 flag related problems.
see also
0.1.2 2009-02-10T18:47:51+09:00
- depend to latest version(Mouse 0.16)
- added to Middleware notice documentation
0.1.1 2009-02-06T11:47:54+09:00
- new dependence to Mouse 0.15 and MouseX::Types
- added to HTTP::Engine::Cookbook documentation # gugod++
- $req->hostname: loopback address hacks for win32
0.0.99_03 2009-01-26T13:53:21+09:00
- fixed to dependency bugs
no UNIVERSAL::require, use Mouse::load_class
0.0.99_02 2009-01-21T14:31:57+09:00
- s/Shika/Mouse/
- Added HTTP::Engine::MinimalCGI, a very fast minimal version optimized for vanilla CGI.
- [BUG] fixed : cannot get http body at Interface::ModPerl. but, this is a dirty hack...
0.0.99_01 2008-12-02T02:47:36+09:00
- merged shika branch
- s/Moose/Shika/
- s/HTTP::Header/HTTP::Header::Fast/
0.0.21 2008-12-15T17:28:02+09:00
# maintenance release
- Interface::ServerSimple: fixed to client does not send a header problem bug
- fixed bug content-length cannot make
- test: fixed Cleaning up /tmp directory (rt #41356) ANDK++ tokuhirom++
0.0.20 2008-12-11T12:01:40+09:00
# maintenance release
- [BUG] Interface::ServerSimple?: cleanup HTTP::Headers::Fast instance in each request... orz
0.0.19 2008-12-01T11:44:14+09:00
# next release is 0.1.x series
# no Moose, use Shika HTTP::Headers::Fast more fast and tiny memory feature
- Interface::ServerSimple
fixed bug no headers request's problem miyagawa++
- lazy loading
HTTP::Request, HTTP::Body, File::Copy, File::Spec::Unix, File::stat, CGI::Simple::Cookie
- test
check with backslash separator instead of slash on win32
added test case for HTTP::Engine::Request::Upload
- remove dependency
IO::Socket, IO::Handle, IO::File
0.0.18 2008-11-14T18:00:54+09:00
- Interface::ServerSimple
base uri build add source from Host header
- Interface::ModPerl
- Interface::Test
set env to _connection
fix pod synopsis so it actually works and is a bit clearer
- Interface::FCGI
change: no output response_line
- HTTP::Engine::Request
add $res->code method for compatibility with HTTP::Response
- HTTP::Engine::Response
add content method for compatibility
0.0.17 2008-09-08T18:16:37+09:00
- Documentation improvements
HTTP::Engine, HTTP::Engine::Request
- HTTP::Engine::Request add methods
request_uri, proxy_request
0.0.16 2008-09-03T16:26:05+09:00
- Interface::ModPerl
broken code fix
using %ENV for RequestBuilder
add content_type response head handling
- fixed HTTP::Engine POD
0.0.15 2008-08-28T13:23:29+09:00
- all Interface design rewrote
- Interface::Standalone
some refactoring
added new option: keepalive_timeout
bug fixed: keepalive is does not work
- Interface::ServerSimple
chaged option: port is required
0.0.14 2008-08-22T18:08:54+09:00
- Interface::ModPerl broken code fix
- Interface::POE fix the many problems
- Interface::Standalone
bug fixed uri construction
bug fixed around $req->base
- some refactoring
connection_info in Interface
- POD cleanup
- tokuhirom++
0.0.13 2008-08-13T16:06:19+09:00
- add more test scripts
- test coverage 100%!
0.0.13_2 2008-08-11T16:47:38+09:00
- !!! incompatible of version under 0.0.13_1 !!!
using HTTP::Engine::Compat module if you want compatibility of version under 0.0.13_1
- delete HTTP::Engine::Context tokuhirom++
unsupported of context and middleware
- fix $req->uploads dont work
- fix Interface::ServerSimple and Interface::POE Connection head problem on HTTP/1.1
- add more test scripts
0.0.13_1 2008-08-06T18:15:39+09:00
- merge from lazy_request branch nothingmuch++
- add more test scripts
0.0.12 2008-07-01T14:05:08+09:00
- Interface::FCGI fixed dosen't work bug tokuhirom++
0.0.11 2008-06-11T11:00:44+09:00
- Interface::POE fix the many problems tokuhirom++
- Interface::ServerSimple support Net::Server tokuhirom++
- fix die on request_builder phase tokuhirom++
- more lazy hacks, faster hacks and more mooose way hacks nothingmuch++
0.0.10 2008-06-07T01:21:35+09:00
- add build_requires 'HTTP::Request::AsCGI'
- fixed t/30_interface_cgi.t
0.0.9 2008-05-28T21:22:52+09:00
- fix Interface::POE cannot get query string bug tokuhirom++
- fix more dependence on Makefile.PL
0.0.8 2008-05-18T13:50:36+09:00
- Middleware API more simply
- fix Interface::FCGI dont work lopnor++
0.0.7 2008-05-18T02:23:57+09:00
- good by Class::Component
- nice to meet Moose
0.0.6 2008-05-13T16:43:40+09:00
- use URI::QueryParam lestrrat++
- fix body parameters problem
0.0.5 2008-05-13T12:14:22+09:00
- oops, s/handle_request/request_handler/ in interface param
0.0.4 2008-05-12T18:05:32+09:00
- more moosenize by Class::Component 0.17
- maybe, next release the moose branch
0.0.3 2008-04-30T02:14:21+09:00
- add Plugin::Interface::ServerSimple (HTTP::Server::Simple support) tokuhirom++
- add Plugin::Interface::CGI nyarla++
- fix the pod marcus++
- fix content-length 0 if undefined response body bug kazuho++
- fix Interface::Test dosent work bug
0.0.2 2008-04-27T13:50:44+09:00
- add Plugin::Interface::FCGI
- add Plugin::ModuleReload
- add Plugin::DebugScreen
- fix $c->res->redirect dosent work bug
0.0.1 2008-04-23T20:44:07+09:00
- first release