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I need to install the following before the perl Makefile.PL would succeed on a stock perl 5.10:


and to run the make test:


and also ensure my perl was configured with ithreads:

perl -V:useithreads

The symptom of lack of ithreads is that the init() call never returns.


ithreads is not required. I've tested the module on perl with and without ithreads (and usemultiplicity in general).

The deps you mention are declared in the Makefile.PL. In git, the META.yml does not exist, but in release versions, it will, and that's how CPAN clients know that Ext::UtilsDepends and XS::Object::Magic are needed before the Makefile.PL will run. When using the git version, you are stuck doing this manually :)

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