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1. Building your first Modular Missile

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Building your first Modular Missile

  • If you have installed everything correctly then you will see this 3 new parts.

  • Drag and drop the Missile Core.

  • This part allows you to configure all the parameters of the missile.

  • On this tutorial we are going to build an Air to Ground - Laser guided missile.
    • Change the guidance type to AGM/STS clicking on Guidance Mode button.
    • Change the targeting mode to Laser clicking on Targeting Mode button.
    • Set the Weapon Name clicking on Set Weapon Name UI button.
    • Reduce the Max off Boresight to 180, you don't need 360 for a laser guided missile.
    • [Optional] You can increase the Max Launch Range up to 50 km (useful for GPS targeting mainly).
    • [Optional] You can change the shape of the procedural part - credit goes for the Procedural Parts mod!.

  • Now it is time to add the Procedural High explosive part. This part contains High explosive material, the blast power/radius is auto-calculated based on the mass of explosive material.

  • Wait! We need an engine right? This SRB should do the job!

  • We also need some ailerons for our missile. I'm going to use the for this. It is a very flexible mod to build and customise wings. I have added to set of wings (all-moving) with pitch, yaw and roll to 100%. Keep the Center of Lift behind, the center of mass.

  • Now we need to configure the stage of our missile. It only has one stage, so we need to go to Actions tab and add the SRB Activate engine action under Custom01 Action group.

Note: Each Custom group is used by each stage. Custom01 = Stage 1, Custom02 = Stage 2... The next stage will be automatically triggered when all engines are flame-out.

  • At this point we are mostly done building out first missile. I'm going to create a subassembly that I will use afterwards to attach the missile to my plane. You can attach an adapter to the bottom of the SRB and re-root to it. Save the missile before drop it!

  • Finally drop the missile into the Subssembly Drop Zone.

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