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Client = require './client'
Meta = require './http_meta'
Mapper = require './mapper'
Utils = require './utils'
http = require 'http'
{ EventEmitter } = require 'events'
class HttpClient extends Client
constructor: (options) ->
options = options || {}
options = Utils.mixin true, {}, Meta.defaults, options
@_http = options.http || http
super options
get: (bucket, key, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
meta = new Meta bucket, key, options
@execute 'GET', meta, callback
head: (bucket, key, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
meta = new Meta bucket, key, options
@execute 'HEAD', meta, callback
exists: (bucket, key, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
@head bucket, key, options, (err, data, meta) ->
if meta?.statusCode is 404
callback(null, false, meta)
else if err
callback(err, data, meta)
callback(err, true, meta)
getAll: (bucket, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
mapfunc = (v, k, options) ->
data = if options.noJSON then Riak.mapValues(v)[0] else if v.values[0].data.length > 0 then Riak.mapValuesJson(v)[0] else {}
if options.where and not options.noJSON
keys = []; `for (var i in options.where) keys.push(i)`
if keys.some((k) -> options.where[k] isnt data[k]) then return []
delete v.values
[{ meta: v, data: data }]
@add(bucket).map(mapfunc, options).run(callback)
keys: (bucket, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
meta = new Meta bucket, undefined, options
meta.keys or= true
if meta.keys == 'stream'
meta._emitter = new EventEmitter()
meta._emitter.start = =>
@execute 'GET', meta, (err, data, meta) ->
delete meta._emitter if meta
callback(err, data, meta)
return meta._emitter
@get bucket, undefined, meta, (err, obj) ->
callback(err, obj?.keys)
count: (bucket, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
options.keys = 'stream'
buffer = []
stream = @keys bucket, options, (err, data, meta) ->
callback(err, buffer.length, meta)
stream.on 'keys', (keys) -> for k in keys then buffer.push(k)
walk: (bucket, key, spec, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
linkPhases = (unit) ->
bucket: unit[0] or '_', tag: unit[1] or '_', keep: unit[2]?
map = if options.noJSON then 'Riak.mapValues' else 'Riak.mapValuesJson'
@add(if key then [[bucket, key]] else bucket)
.reduce(language: 'erlang', module: 'riak_kv_mapreduce', function: 'reduce_set_union')
.run(options, callback)
save: (bucket, key, data, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
meta = new Meta bucket, key, options = data or {}
verb = options.method or if key then 'PUT' else 'POST'
@execute verb, meta, callback
remove: (bucket, key, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
meta = new Meta bucket, key, options
@execute 'DELETE', meta, callback
# map/reduce
add: (inputs) -> new Mapper this, inputs
runJob: () ->
[options, callback] = @ensure arguments
options.raw or= 'mapred'
@save '', '',, options, callback
end: ->
# bucket props
buckets: () ->
[options, callback] = @ensure arguments
meta = new Meta '', '', options
meta.buckets = true
@execute 'GET', meta, callback
getProps: (bucket, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
@get bucket, undefined, options, (err, obj) ->
callback(err, obj?.props)
updateProps: (bucket, props, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
options.method = 'PUT'
@save bucket, undefined, { props: props }, options, callback
# search
enableIndex: (bucket, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
@getProps bucket, options, (err, props) =>
hook = { mod: 'riak_search_kv_hook', fun: 'precommit' }
props.precommit.push hook unless (props.precommit.some (p) -> p.mod is hook.mod)
@updateProps bucket, props, options, callback
disableIndex: (bucket, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
@getProps bucket, options, (err, props) =>
props.precommit = for p in props.precommit when p.mod isnt 'riak_search_kv_hook' then p
@updateProps bucket, props, options, callback
search: (index, query, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
options.raw or= 'solr'
options.rows or= 10000
options.wt = 'json'
options.q = query
meta = new Meta index, 'select', options
@execute 'GET', meta, (err, data, meta) ->
callback(err, data?.response, meta)
addSearch: (index, query) ->
@add({ module: 'riak_search', function: 'mapred_search', arg: [index, query] })
# luwak
getLarge: (key, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
options.raw or= 'luwak'
options.responseEncoding = 'binary'
@get undefined, key, options, callback
saveLarge: (key, data, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
options.raw or= 'luwak'
if data instanceof Buffer
@save undefined, key, data, options, callback
callback(new Error('Data has to be a Buffer'))
removeLarge: (key, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
options.raw or= 'luwak'
@remove undefined, key, options, callback
# 2i
query: (bucket, q = {}, options...) ->
[options, callback] = @ensure options
options.raw or= 'buckets'
options.doEncodeUri = false # we don't want '/' to be part of the key
field = Object.keys(q)[0]
value = q[field]
if Array.isArray(value)
end = value[1]
value = value[0]
type = if typeof value is 'number' then 'int' else 'bin'
key = "index/#{field}_#{type}/#{encodeURIComponent(value)}"
if end then key += "/#{encodeURIComponent(end)}"
@get bucket, key, options, (err, data) ->
callback(err, data?.keys)
# node commands
ping: () ->
[options, callback] = @ensure arguments
meta = new Meta '', '', raw: 'ping'
@execute 'HEAD', meta, (err) -> callback(null, !err?)
stats: () ->
[options, callback] = @ensure arguments
meta = new Meta '', '', raw: 'stats'
@execute 'GET', meta, callback
# provide particular Meta impl to clients
Meta: Meta
# private
execute: (verb, meta, callback) ->
meta.method = verb.toUpperCase()
meta.headers = meta.toHeaders()
Client.debug "#{meta.method} #{meta.path}", meta
request = @_http.request meta, (response) =>
# using meta as options, to which the HTTP Agent is attached
# we don't want to carry this around in a Meta
delete meta.agent
size = parseInt response.headers['content-length']
bytesRead = 0
buffer = new Buffer size
firstChunk = false
tempBuffer = ''
response.on 'data', (chunk) ->
if meta._emitter
unless firstChunk # only buffer the first chunk, the rest will be emitted
buffer = chunk
firstChunk = true
tempBuffer += chunk
m = tempBuffer.match /\}\{?/
if m?.index # contiguous chunks
head = tempBuffer.substr(0, m.index+1)
tail = tempBuffer.substr(m.index+1)
tempBuffer = tail
meta._emitter.emit 'keys', JSON.parse(head).keys
catch err
@emit 'clientError', err
chunk.copy buffer, bytesRead, 0
bytesRead += chunk.length
response.on 'end', =>
if meta._emitter
meta._emitter.emit 'end'
meta = meta.loadResponse response
buffer = if 400 <= meta.statusCode <= 599
err = new Error "HTTP error #{meta.statusCode}: #{buffer}"
err.message = undefined if meta.statusCode is 404 # message == undefined to be in sync with pbc
err.statusCode = meta.statusCode # handier access to the HTTP status in case of an error
else @decodeBuffer(buffer, meta, verb)
if meta.statusCode is 300 and meta.contentType.match /^multipart\/mixed/ # multiple choices
boundary = Utils.extractBoundary meta.contentType
buffer = Utils.parseMultipart(buffer, boundary).map (doc) =>
_meta = new Meta(meta.bucket, meta.key)
_meta.loadResponse { headers: doc.headers, statusCode: meta.statusCode }
_meta.vclock = meta.vclock
{ meta: _meta, data: @decodeBuffer(doc.body, _meta, verb) }
if buffer instanceof Error
err = buffer
data = buffer.message
if meta?.statusCode is 404
if meta?.noError404
err = undefined
buffer = undefined
err.notFound = true
callback err, buffer, meta
request.write, meta.contentEncoding
request.on 'error', (err) =>
@emit 'clientError', err
callback err
return undefined # otherwise the repl prints out the returned value by request.end()
# http client utils
decodeBuffer: (buffer, meta, verb) ->
if meta.statusCode is 204 or verb is 'HEAD' then undefined
else if buffer.length == 0 then buffer
else meta.decode(buffer)
catch e
new Error "Cannot convert response into #{meta.contentType}: #{e.message} -- Response: #{buffer}"
module.exports = HttpClient