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GOCUI - Go Console User Interface

Go Reference

Minimalist Go package aimed at creating Console User Interfaces.


  • Minimalist API.
  • Views (the "windows" in the GUI) implement the interface io.ReadWriter.
  • Support for overlapping views.
  • The GUI can be modified at runtime (concurrent-safe).
  • Global and view-level keybindings.
  • Mouse support.
  • Colored text.
  • Customizable edition mode.
  • Easy to build reusable widgets, complex layouts...



$ go get



$ go doc

Or visit to read it online.


package main

import (


func main() {
	g, err := gocui.NewGui(gocui.OutputNormal)
	if err != nil {
	defer g.Close()


	if err := g.SetKeybinding("", gocui.KeyCtrlC, gocui.ModNone, quit); err != nil {

	if err := g.MainLoop(); err != nil && err != gocui.ErrQuit {

func layout(g *gocui.Gui) error {
	maxX, maxY := g.Size()
	if v, err := g.SetView("hello", maxX/2-7, maxY/2, maxX/2+7, maxY/2+2); err != nil {
		if err != gocui.ErrUnknownView {
			return err
		fmt.Fprintln(v, "Hello world!")
	return nil

func quit(g *gocui.Gui, v *gocui.View) error {
	return gocui.ErrQuit





Projects using gocui

  • komanda-cli: IRC Client For Developers.
  • vuls: Agentless vulnerability scanner for Linux/FreeBSD.
  • wuzz: Interactive cli tool for HTTP inspection.
  • httplab: Interactive web server.
  • domainr: Tool that checks the availability of domains based on keywords.
  • gotime: Time tracker for projects and tasks.
  • claws: Interactive command line client for testing websockets.
  • terminews: Terminal based RSS reader.
  • diagram: Tool to convert ascii arts into hand drawn diagrams.
  • pody: CLI app to manage Pods in a Kubernetes cluster.
  • kubexp: Kubernetes client.
  • kcli: Tool for inspecting kafka topics/partitions/messages.
  • fac: git merge conflict resolver
  • jsonui: Interactive JSON explorer for your terminal.
  • cointop: Interactive terminal based UI application for tracking cryptocurrencies.

Note: if your project is not listed here, let us know! :)