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Free Software

Project licence and philosophy

This project is Free Software (GPLv3), it means that is if free and that source code is available for modification or enhancement by anyone. PicoChess is and will always remain Free Software. We are working on this program because we like doing so, because we enjoy seeing people use the program.

More than just a toy or an experimental sandbox, we want to create a robust and high-end dedicated chess computer, directly usable by chess players, with the tools and features they need. We hope PicoChess will be more than just a piece of software, but also a human adventure in creating positive chess and friendship exchanges.

Thanks to other projects

  • PicoChess uses python-chess to handle chess rules, opening books, and PGN files.
  • Without a chess engine, PicoChess would be useless : thanks to the Stockfish team !

Get the sources

You can get the sources on Github.