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Simple plugin for indexing and display of EAD XML using the Blacklight Rails plugin.

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This is a simplistic plugin for indexing and viewing EAD XML from within
a Blacklight Rails application.


Create a new application which installs Blacklight and blacklight_ext_ead_simple:

rails ./blacklight-app-ead -m

Into an existing Rails application:

rake rails:template LOCATION=

Index your own EAD XML

rake solr:index:ead_dir FILE=/path/to/ead/directory/*

Limitations / Known Issues

* Does not handle every possible tag, attribute and permutation of EAD XML.
* NCSU specific code remains.
* Can only handle numbered component parts of the collection inventory. The EAD
  will be indexed and searchable, but the inventory will not display.
* Lacks tests.

Copyright (c) 2010 North Carolina State University, released under the MIT license
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