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Wannaroo Tourist Set

NewGRF for OpenTTD - Tourist industries

  1. About

    Tourist industries for OpenTTD, inspired by FIRS 3 Hotel, WhiteHand's tourist set, and tourist-accepting houses in ECS Houses, Swedish Houses.

  2. Compatibility

    Compatibility with any newgrf is not guaranteed. No warranties are expressed or implied. Not tested with OpenTTD versions < 1.7.2.

    Not valid for Toyland.

    New cargo Tourists (TOUR) uses cargo id 31.

  3. Features

    • 3 new tourist industries:

      • Hotel: produces tourists; accepts tourists, food, alcohol 🍷
      • Visitor Center: produces and accepts tourists. Visitor Centers vary in appearance depending on climate/location but functionality is the same.
      • Town Square: produces tourists; accepts tourists, goods, alcohol 🍻
    • 4 houses:

      • 2 houses (rustic, regular) produce 8 +/- 3 tourists per production tick
        • Rustic House: available from 1890 Rustic House
        • Regular House: available from 1920 Regular House
        • 1 each per town; 2 each per town >= 4800; max 3 each per town >= 8000
      • 2 tall buildings (tower block, flats) produce 20 +/- 4 tourists per production tick
        • Flats: available from 1940 Flats
        • Tower Block: available from 1970 Tower Block
        • 1 each per town >= 1200; 2 each per town >= 8000; max 3 each per town >= 32000
    • Concrete base tiles display an orange star so the houses are easier to find in transparent/invisible mode.

    • Parameters: hopefully are self-explanatory

  4. Development

    The usual pnml/nml files with C includes and macros. I built this newgrf on Linux Mint 19.3 using gcc version 7.5.0, NML version 0.4.5.

    Translations gladly accepted. Please open an issue on GitHub ( and attach your lang file so I can include it in a release.

  5. License

    GPL v2

  6. Credits

    Author of this newgrf: jrook1445 (

    Source code:

    Credit and Acknowledgements (with sincere thanks and appreciation):

    OpenGFX: re-use of base set sprites: all contributors/developers as listed in 6.0 Credits,

    FIRS 3: cargo icons: andythenorth et. al. as listed in credits.txt,

    smallmines: ideas for production callbacks: Sylf,

    OpenGFX+ Industries 0.3.5: ideas for C macros and industry location checks: Ingo von Borstel (aka planetmaker) et. al. as listed in readme.ptxt,

    ECS industry extension: ideas for C macros and industry location checks: Maciej Czapkiewicz (aka McZapkie),

    NML and NFO: with many thanks to all the developers/contributors of NML, NFO, and the documentation/newgrf spec website at

    Inspiration: FIRS 3 Hotel, WhiteHand's tourist set, ECS Houses, Swedish Houses



NewGRF for OpenTTD - Tourist industries








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