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Monolith to Reactive - it's all about architecture

This is the repo for the above titled presentation. The presentation was first given at Reactive Summit Austin in October 2016, and is an evolution from my previous presentation about Lagom, Rethinking REST in a microservices world.

This is the Japanese version of the presentation, using the Lagom Scala API.

The presentation is a reveal.js presentation, and can be viewed by going to, or by cloning this repo and opening index.html in the master branch. There is also a PDF export of the presentation in this repo.

The source code for the live demos can also be found in branches of this repo, the initial branch contains the application in it's initial (bad) state, and the complete branch contains the application in it's completed state after all the changes that I make in the presentation.

If you would like to give this presentation yourself, you'll also find the IntelliJ live templates that I use to do the live coding in a file in the master branch called LagomArchitectureScala.xml. I never actually code in live coding demonstrations since coding is so fiddly and error prone, rather, I have these templates where I type a short series of abbrevitations and hit tab, and the code appears. This allows me to focus all my energy on talking about the code rather than on writing the code.


This presentation is Copyright 2016 James Roper. You may use it yourself under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license.