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GTK3 ProtonVPN Client using offical ProtonVPN-CLi
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GTK3 ProtonVPN Client using offical ProtonVPN-CLi


  • Connect to Server
  • Connect to Fastest Server
  • Connect to Random Server
  • Update protonvpn-cli
  • Live status of IP Address, Location & Connection Status
  • Servers listed based on ProtonVPN tier unavailable servers won't be listed

Please remember this is a work in progress in very early stages of development.

alt text


  • python
  • python-requests
  • python-json
  • python-schedule
  • GNOME 3.20
  • protonvpn-cli

Run Application

  1. Install protonvpn-cli
$ sudo bash -c "git clone ; ./protonvpn-cli/ --install"
$ protonvpn-cli --init

More detailed instructions protonvpn-cli Github

  1. Clone repository git clone

  2. Run application with sudo sudo python

Current Issues

  • No installable package would like to use Flatpak
  • TCP/UDP Selection missing
  • Server List incomplete
  • Server list not filtered for free/paid users

Report Bugs

I'm sure there's plenty of bugs please feel free to report them here. Or even better have a go at fixing one!


Conbributions more then welcome!

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