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Docker container with development tools installed (ruby,python.golang,npm)
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Docker Devbox

A development environment containing:

  • Vim
  • C/C++ compilers and tools
  • Golang compilers and tools
  • Python and tools
  • git
  • tmux
  • ssh
  • Docker (inception)

The devbox is as stateless as possible, every dev done inside it is doomed to be destroyed, unless pushed to an external Git repository. The idea is to be able fire up a known environment on a new box, without spending 3 hours to figure out what is needed.


Clone into your home directory

git clone $HOME/docker-devbox

Setup an alias

alias devbox="cd $HOME/docker-devbox/ ; make $@"

Build Docker Image

This process can take some time

cd ./docker-devbox
make all


Assumes you have setup the above alias

Run Docker Image

devbox run

Log into the Docker Image

devbox logon

Stop Process

devbox stop

Stop and Destroy Process

devbox clean

List running Docker Image and Processes

devbox list-running

This is a personnal Devbox, without my own set of configs and tools. If you want to use it, fork it and edit your configuration files to your needs.

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