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Docker Container - SmartCash Node
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SmartNode Docker Container



Run the Docker container

docker run \
    -d \
    --name smartnode \
    -e EXTERNAL_IP= \
    -e PRIVATE_KEY= \
    -v :/data \

Docker Arguments

ARG Default Details Required
SMARTCASH_VERSION 1.2.6r1-0xenial1 smartcash ubuntu .deb version optional

Environment Varaibles


ENV Default Details Required
ALIAS sn1 Set the Alias for your smartnode no
EXTERNAL_IP not set Smartnode External IP Address yes
PORT 9678 Smartnode Port number optional
PRIVATE_KEY not set Set the private key (IMPORTANT:Keep this private) yes
COLLATERAL_TX not set Set the collateral transaction no
COLLATERAL_OUTPUT 0 Set the collateral output no

RPC User

ENV Default Details Required
RPC_USER smartcash RPC User optional
RPC_PASS password RPC Password (change me) optional
RPC_HOST RPC Host optional
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