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Find file Copy path
Find file Copy path
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# import the necessary packages
import os
image_types = (".jpg", ".jpeg", ".png", ".bmp", ".tif", ".tiff")
def list_images(basePath, contains=None):
# return the set of files that are valid
return list_files(basePath, validExts=image_types, contains=contains)
def list_files(basePath, validExts=None, contains=None):
# loop over the directory structure
for (rootDir, dirNames, filenames) in os.walk(basePath):
# loop over the filenames in the current directory
for filename in filenames:
# if the contains string is not none and the filename does not contain
# the supplied string, then ignore the file
if contains is not None and filename.find(contains) == -1:
# determine the file extension of the current file
ext = filename[filename.rfind("."):].lower()
# check to see if the file is an image and should be processed
if validExts is None or ext.endswith(validExts):
# construct the path to the image and yield it
imagePath = os.path.join(rootDir, filename)
yield imagePath
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