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# import the necessary packages
from threading import Thread
import cv2
class WebcamVideoStream:
def __init__(self, src=0, name="WebcamVideoStream"):
# initialize the video camera stream and read the first frame
# from the stream = cv2.VideoCapture(src)
(self.grabbed, self.frame) =
# initialize the thread name = name
# initialize the variable used to indicate if the thread should
# be stopped
self.stopped = False
def start(self):
# start the thread to read frames from the video stream
t = Thread(target=self.update,, args=())
t.daemon = True
return self
def update(self):
# keep looping infinitely until the thread is stopped
while True:
# if the thread indicator variable is set, stop the thread
if self.stopped:
# otherwise, read the next frame from the stream
(self.grabbed, self.frame) =
def read(self):
# return the frame most recently read
return self.frame
def stop(self):
# indicate that the thread should be stopped
self.stopped = True