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A Simple Keras + deep learning REST API

This repository contains the code for Building a simple Keras + deep learning REST API, published on the blog.

The method covered here is intended to be instructional. It is not meant to be production-level and capable of scaling under heavy load. If you're interested in a more advanced Keras REST API that leverages message queues and batching, please refer to this tutorial.

For an even more advanced version that includes deploying a model to production, refer to this blog post.

Getting started

I assume you already have Keras (and a supported backend) installed on your system. From there you need to install Flask and requests:

$ pip install flask gevent requests

Next, clone the repo:

$ git clone

Starting the Keras server

Below you can see the image we wish to classify, a dog, but more specifically a beagle:


The Flask + Keras server can be started by running:

$ python 
Using TensorFlow backend.
 * Loading Keras model and Flask starting server...please wait until server has fully started
 * Running on

You can now access the REST API via

Submitting requests to the Keras server

Requests can be submitted via cURL:

$ curl -X POST -F image=@dog.jpg 'http://localhost:5000/predict'
  "predictions": [
      "label": "beagle", 
      "probability": 0.9901360869407654
      "label": "Walker_hound", 
      "probability": 0.002396771451458335
      "label": "pot", 
      "probability": 0.0013951235450804234
      "label": "Brittany_spaniel", 
      "probability": 0.001283277408219874
      "label": "bluetick", 
      "probability": 0.0010894243605434895
  "success": true

Or programmatically:

$ python 
1. beagle: 0.9901
2. Walker_hound: 0.0024
3. pot: 0.0014
4. Brittany_spaniel: 0.0013
5. bluetick: 0.0011


A simple Keras REST API using Flask




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