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  • this should work best if you clone / download the repository and then open the R project (will make it easier to find the correct file paths)
  • analysis.Rmd is the main file to run
    • it contains sections associated with each of the research questions
    • right now, it renders to HTML, but we can render it to a PDF or Word Doc if we like
  • there is one tricky dependency - it's a package for tidy t-tests Josh made for this
    • you have to first install the devtools package and then use devtools to download tidyttest from GitHub (it's not available on CRAN)
    • no data is shared; you need to add the files snyc_async_tweets.csv and snyc_async_tweets_liwc.csv manually to this repository
    • the data is "ignored" by the .gitignore file; you can double-check that yours ignores these files, too, in the case that you push changes, but it should copy over when you clone/download the repository
  • analysis.R is the old script - it is not used for the manuscript