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@jrossignol jrossignol released this Dec 23, 2014 · 1841 commits to master since this release

  • Added WaypointGenerator behaviour. Allows creation of waypoints.
  • Added VisitWaypoint parameter (for use with WaypointGenerator behaviour).
  • Added OrbitGenerator behaviour. Allows creation of orbits.
  • Added ReachSpecificOrbit parameter (for use with OrbitGenerator behaviour).
  • Added HasCrew requirement. Allows filtering on trait, experience level and count.
  • Updated HasCrew parameter to support trait and experience level filtering.
  • Added VesselMass parameter.
  • Added Facility requirement - requires that a player has a facility upgraded to a specified level.
  • Added SCANsatCoverage parameter and requirement (big thanks @tattagreis on the SCANsat integration).
  • Added support for turning up log levels through the ContractConfigurator.cfg file (thanks tattagreis).
  • Fixed a bug in the HasPart parameter for parts with an underscore in the name (thanks tattagreis).
  • HasCrew now errors if minCrew > maxCrew (thanks tattagreis).
  • Most requirements are no longer checked on active contracts. Exposed attribute to override default behaviour through config file (thanks scerion).
  • Added ability to reload all CONTRACT_TYPE nodes on demand (via Alt-F9).
  • Various minor bug-fixes.
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