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GitHub Issues for Pivotal Tracker
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A simple way to integrate GitHub Issues into Pivotal Tracker

NOTICE: I haven't used Tracker in over a year, so this project is dead. I'm not actively looking for a new maintainer, but if you want to take over, you're more than welcome.


  1. Clone the repo
git clone
  1. Get an OAuth key from GitHub. Instructions are available here

  2. Set up your deployment environment. I use Heroku personally (because you get SSL for free), but it should work equally well with other providers. Note that using SSL is highly recommended as otherwise your credentials will be transmitted in the clear.

cp config.json.example config.json

You'll need to edit config.json to suit your needs. Explanations of the flags are in the file.

  1. Deploy it!

Setting up Pivotal Tracker

This section will tell you how to set up Pivotal Tracker to pull in GitHub Issues as well as close Issues that are associated with Finished stories.


  • Your application is deployed at
  • Your GitHub project is at

Pulling Issues into Pivotal

  1. Select Project and then Configure Integrations

  2. Scroll down to External Tool Integrations and select Other from the options in the Create New Integration... box

  3. Fill in the form with this information:

    • Name: Whatever you'd like to call the Issues panel (e.g., GitHub Issues)
    • Basic Auth Username: The value of basicUsername in the config
    • Basic Auth Password: The value of basicPassword in the config
    • Base URL:
    • Import API URL:
  4. Click Create

Closing Issues from Finished stories

If you would like PivotHub to close Issues that are associated with Finished stories, here's how to set that up:

  1. In Pivotal, go to the Configure Integrations page for your project

  2. Fill in the Activity Web Hook fields as follows:

  • Web Hook URL:<secretToken>
  • API Version: v3
  1. Click Save Web Hook Settings


MIT license. See the license file.