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Update MPUTeapot.pde

Without that update, the packets were not aligned. I understand that '$' can be part of incoming packet but without this line, aligned was always 0.
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1 parent e2fa9a6 commit f7fd92ea37ddb62204913a3cf9c58e799cc01c5f @pagalFromAgra pagalFromAgra committed Oct 24, 2013
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  1. +1 −0 Arduino/MPU6050/Examples/MPU6050_DMP6/Processing/MPUTeapot.pde
@@ -146,6 +146,7 @@ void serialEvent(Serial port) {
while (port.available() > 0) {
int ch =;
+ if (ch == '$') {serialCount = 0;} // this will help with alignment
if (aligned < 4) {
// make sure we are properly aligned on a 14-byte packet
if (serialCount == 0) {

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'hello...i add just this line , but my probleme is that the plane did not move.. and before it was the same...
i receive well the data from my arduino uno,it's look ok in serial windows but the plane don't want to move when i change my mpu6050 card from position..
i do the test under windows xp 32 bts and under linux ubuntu 13.10....i only add toxi lib in the library ...i've got no error message...i do not understand...

you could help ?


jrowberg replied Nov 11, 2013

Hi @albedo039,

Are you also changing the DMP6 example sketch to disable READABLE output and enable TEAPOT output? It will not work unless you do this also.

oh yea !!.... i'm so confused !!...... now it's realy working good..

thank u very much..

ekstc replied Jan 3, 2014

  1. How does one download the library :/
  2. I am having major difficulty in getting my MPU6050 to work with the Arduino DUE
    PLEASE Help!?

jrowberg replied Jan 5, 2014


There are download, installation, and usage instructions on the main project website:

Note that you need the download/copy/move only the contents of the main /Arduino subfolder into your /Arduino/libraries user lib folder, NOT the "MSP430" folder.

How to down load the teapot.pde

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