Hardware, firmware, and software design sources for the Keyglove wearable input device
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What is Keyglove?

The Keyglove is an Arduino-powered glove that uses touch combinations to generate keyboard and mouse control codes. Once learned, the glove can easily be used without looking, making it perfect for embedded/wearable environments. The glove is thin and light, built to allow other activities (such as writing) without being in the way.

Keyglove Design

Keyglove Prototype E

Because the glove design allows for multi-sensor combinations, the keyglove provides exponentially more possibilities than many other glove-based input devices (prototypes or commercial products). 34 strategically placed contact sensors and smart controller software make it possible to implement the entire English alphabet using simple one-to-one sensor contacts. When you include multi-sensor contacts, there are many hundreds of ergonomically usable combinations.

Development Status

The Keyglove is still in the prototype stage with no fully working unit. For up-to-date development news, check out the News page (RSS here) or follow the project on Twitter at @keyglove or Facebook at https://fb.com/keyglove. You can also watch this repository for updates to all of the software, firmware, and hardware design resources.

For technical information, please visit the How to Build page. It's not complete yet, but once the prototype is working the way I want it to, I will add better step-by-step instructions to the page.

You may also be interested in a list of similar devices I've come across on the internet, either to satisfy your curiosity, or out of a need for inspiration, or possibly to look for a product that might be more suited to your needs.

And, of course, you can always contact me with any questions, comments, ideas, etc.