Build script for rstudio-server on an ARM Chromebook
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Build script for rstudio-server on an ARM Chromebook

This is built on the excellent work of dashaub/ARM-RStudio.


This script has been used to successfully build RStudio Server on an Acer CB5-311 Chromebook (ARM) running Debian 9 (stretch) via crouton. The commands below can be used to build the server

sudo enter-chroot -n stretch
sudo croutonpowerd -i ./

The build may take several hours to complete, and to prevent the Chromebook from suspending, it's recommended to use crountonpowerd -i and be plugged into AC power.

The VERS variable in the script can be updated to build different versions of the server. The latest version number and be found on the rstudio server download page, and note that this will likely differ from the latest desktop version.

Launching RStudio Server

After the server has been built and installed, the easiest way to start the server from a crosh shell using the commands below

sudo enter-chroot -n stretch
sudo rstudio-server start

Finally, from a new Chrome tab navigate to localhost:8787 and log in using your chroot credentials.


Please don't hesitate to file an issue if you run into problems, and pull requests are welcome.