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Automation Testing with Cucumber and Selenium Web Driver in JavaScript

Credit: Matt Bailey's repo was really helpful in figuring this out.

At Interactive, we've done all of our automation testing in Java from the outset. We've thrown around the idea of doing it JavaScript for a while -- though with no traction yet. So, I wanted to play with geting a proof of concept going with Chrome's web driver.

Get Started

  1. To run this code, you'll need to have Chrome installed -- and a copy of Chromedriver. Just add you're copy of Chromedriver to your PATH.

  2. Run npm install to install the node dependencies.

  3. Run grunt test to kick off the test. You should see Chrome popup as the test is executing and then go away.


Test results will output to the terminal:

Test Results

You should also have screen shots from the end of each scenario in the screenshots directory:

Test Scenario Screenshot