A WebHook endpoint which translates TenderApp discussions to GitHub issues.
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Dustin is a WebHook endpoint which will translate Tender (http://www.tenderapp.com) discussions into GitHub (http://www.github.com) issues. Dustin is named after Dustin Hoffman from the 1991 movie Hook. (Lame I know, but it's past midnight and I wanted to ship today)

It's primarily meant to be deployed as a Heroku app for your own personal needs.

Instructions to deploy to Heroku

1. Clone the Dustin repository: git clone git://github.com/arunthampi/dustin.git

2. Install the heroku gem: gem install heroku

3. Create a new Heroku App: heroku create my_hooks (The app will then be created at http://my_hooks.heroku.com)

4. Dustin needs three environment variables set up: Your GitHub username, your GitHub API Token (available at https://github.com/account) and the repository you want to associate with your TenderApp account.

Set them like this: heroku config:add repo=Mclovin-s-Great-App username=arunthampi token=abcdef

5. Deploy to heroku: git push heroku master

6. Goto your TenderApp settings page for webhooks: (E.g. http://mclovins-great-product.tenderapp.com/settings/webhooks). 

  6.1 Create a new webhook and set the URL to be http://my_hooks.heroku.com/dustin/hook
Voila! All discussions categorized as problems, come up as issues on GitHub issues.

You can try this out by creating discussions at http://mclovins-great-product.tenderapp.com/discussions and looking at http://github.com/arunthampi/Mclovin-s-Great-App/issues#list for the corresponding GitHub issue. [Please note: my TenderApp account is only valid for 30 days from 7-Jan-2010, so no guarantees this will work in future.]