So i can have Octocats on my desktop 😃
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This small utility will download all the Octocats on the Octodex because i want to have my Windows desktop be full of fun. All the Octocats get downloaded to the Octocatz folder in your Pictures library or in a directory of your choosing. To set the output directory, pass the output directory's path as an argument to the utility. The utility will create that directory if it doesn't exist.

Where do i get it?

Download it here

How do i run it?

i think you can just unzip the download and double-click the executable... assuming i did everything right.

To run it from code, clone and run the build.ps1 powershell script.

It doesn't work!

i'm pretty sure (i haven't tried though) that this will only work on Windows 7. If i'm wrong i would love to know about it.

Create an issue or tweet me @jugglingnutcase and i'll try my best to take care of it.