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Code samples to accompany a tutorial on property-based testing with fast-check

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Don't write tests; generate them! Property based testing with fast-check workshop

This package contains exercises and code samples for a workshop on property-based testing. They're designed to be run through with a workshop facilitator, but you could probably run through them on your own with a bit of effort.


  1. Checkout the package to your local machine.

    git checkout
    cd intro-to-property-based testing
  2. Run yarn to install dependencies.

    yarn install
  3. Navigate to src/exercises and write your first test. The test file contins instructions written as code comments. Once you've got a test written, you can run it using jest. To run tests for exercise 1, for example, use the command yarn test src/ex01.

The scenario

To provide something concrete to work on, the execrises assume a hypothetical scenario., let's suppose we're working on some kind of HR application. The app shows people a list of tasks, and people can mark them completed as they go. We've been asked to add a feature that hides completed tasks after a set amount of time (say, a minute). Hence, we want to write a function, moveOldTasksToArchive(), that updates the state of our application.

More information

If you're new to propert-based testing, you can find a step-by-step walkthrough on my website


Code samples to accompany a tutorial on property-based testing with fast-check






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