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1 parent 0769551 commit 0e7e1cd57385dd420a635a31aa29d0140b806819 @martijnlaan martijnlaan committed May 3, 2012
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<li>Pascal Scripting: Changed the <tt>InstallOnThisVersion</tt> support function to return a Boolean value. If an invalid version string is passed, an exception will be raised.</li>
<li>Added 128x128 and 256x256 sizes to the compiler and document icons, created by Motaz.</li>
<li>Some messages have been added and removed in this version.
-<!-- (<a href=";r2=1.69">View differences in Default.isl</a>) -->
+ (<a href="">View differences in Default.isl</a>)
<li><b>New messages:</b> ApplicationsFound, ApplicationsFound2, CannotInstallToNetworkDrive, CannotInstallToUNCPath, CloseApplications, DontCloseApplications, InvalidParameter, SetupAlreadyRunning, ShutdownBlockReasonInstallingApp, ShutdownBlockReasonUninstallingApp, StatusClosingApplications, StatusRestartingApplications, WindowsServicePackRequired, WindowsVersionNotSupported.</li>
<li><b>New custom messages:</b> AutoStartProgramGroupDescription, AutoStartProgram, AddonHostProgramNotFound.</li>

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