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  • Any.i()

    Converts anything to an integer

  • Any.s()

    Converts anything to a string


  • P(x)

    Prints out x followed by a newline

  • P(x,y,z...)

    Prints out (x,y,z) as a list


(Iterable, Sequence and Array)

  • m(function)

    Shortening of map

  • f(predicate)

    Shortening of filter (optional index)

  • F(folder)

    Shortening of fold (optional index)

  • c()

    Counts all the items in the iterable

  • j()

    Joins the items to a string

  • g()

    Shortening of generateSequence

  • _s()

    Converts to a sequence

  • _i()

    Converts to an iterable

_ _a()

Converts to an array


  • l(x,y,z...)

    Creates a mutable list of (x,y,z...)

  • a(x,y,z...)

    Creates an array of (x,y,z...)

String Utilities

  • R()

    Creates a regex

  • r()

    Replaces in strings

  • c()

    Counts like the one in iterables

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