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* This project is intended to be used as an acceptance test *and* a
* documentation example. If you change this file, please be sure that it
* renders appropriately in the generated documentation
apply plugin: "com.github.jruby-gradle.base"
import com.github.jrubygradle.JRubyExec
dependencies {
/* Using the built-in `jrubyExec` configuration to describe the
* dependencies our JRubyExec-based tasks will need
jrubyExec "rubygems:colorize:0.7.7+"
task printSomePrettyOutputPlease(type: JRubyExec) {
description "Execute our nice local print-script.rb"
script "${projectDir}/print-script.rb"
* This task is only here for the execution fo the gradleTest
task runGradleTest {
dependsOn printSomePrettyOutputPlease