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due a few more backports fill in History for 1.2.8 (and re-package .jar)

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  2. BIN  lib/arjdbc/jdbc/adapter_java.jar
4 History.txt
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== 1.2.8 (03/13/13)
+- [derby] (native) types review & cleanup, externalize AR patch-ing
+- [h2] correct schema dump (jdbc detected sql types)
+- [hsqldb] correct schema dump (jdbc detected sql types)
+- cleanup H2 / HSQLDB adapter - HSQLDB should not know about H2
- [mssql] [oracle] [db2] [derby] remove_column 3.x compatibility
- [sqlite3] setup native types + make sure tables accepts table_name as well
- [mysql] version + support_"feature" (as Rails)
BIN  lib/arjdbc/jdbc/adapter_java.jar
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