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== 1.0.0
+- Thanks to David Kellum, Dmitry Denisov, Dwayne Litzenberger, Gregor
+ Schmidt, James Walker, John Duff, Joshua Suggs, Nicholas J Kreucher,
+ Peter Donald, Geoff Longman, and Ryan Bell for their contributions
+ to this release.
- BIG set of DB2 updates (Thanks Nick Kreucher)
- Deprecate jdbc_adapter/rake_tasks
- (1.0.0.beta1)
@@ -10,6 +14,37 @@
- Get AR's own tests running as close to 100% as possible. MySQL is
currently 100%, SQLite3 is close.
- JRUBY-4876: Bump up Derby's max index name length (Uwe Kubosch)
+- (1.0.0.beta2)
+- 98 commits since beta1
+- MSSQL updates from dlitz and realityforge
+- ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-131: Fix string slug issue for DB2 (Youhei Kondou)
+- JRUBY-1642: Don't use H2 INFORMATION_SCHEMA in table or column
+ searches
+- JRUBY-4972: Attempt to deal with type(0)/:limit => 0 by not setting
+ it808e213 JRUBY-5040: Fix issue with limits on timestamps in MySQL
+- JRUBY-3555: Allow setting Derby schema with 'schema:' option917ebd9
+ ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-98: Make sure we actuall raise an error when
+ inappropriately configured
+- ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-112: Add schema dumper tests for already-fixed
+ MySQL type limits
+- ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-113: Fix PG float precision issue2c6b1aa No longer
+ need M[ys]SQL escape hatch on case-sensitive test
+- ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-103: Fix decimal options for PG add/change column
+ (Michael Pitman)
+- ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-127: Fix quoting of Date vs. Time(stamp) for
+ Oracle (Lenny Marks)
+- Oracle: Sort out theNUMBER vs NUMBER(x) vs NUMBER(x,y) situation.
+- JRUBY-3051: Think we finally got the PG mixed-case patches applied.
+- JRUBY-5081: Consolidate code for dropping DB via postgres
+- ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-101: Add override of LONGVARCHAR => CLOB for
+ informix
+- ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-107: Fix MySQL update_all issue on AR 2.3
+- ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-124: Filter out special _row_num column
+- ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-126: Fix sql 2000 limit/offset per Michael Pitman
+- ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-125: Add tweak to limit/offset code for HABTM
+ queries (alex b)
+- ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-129: Don't have limits for text, binary or bit
+ fields
== 0.9.7

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