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Possible bug > Does AR JDBC Adapter handle Postgres arrays? #510

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I'm migrating a fairly complex Rails 3.1.x project from MRI-Ruby to JRuby. Database is PostgreSQL and we're using Postgres arrays in our schema. With MRI-Ruby we needed the AR-Postgres-Arrays gem to deal with Postgres arrays.

However, that gem seems to be barfing with JRuby, with a weird issues: a 1-d boolean array in Postgres is being converted to a single boolean value in Ruby, whereas a 1-d string array is being converted to a Ruby string array just fine.

I dug deeper into the gem's code and narrowed the issue down to Basically type is boolean / string / integer instead of the expected boolean_array / string_array / integer_array

Does the AR JDBC Adapter have some sort of support for Postgres arrays which is conflicting with the AR-Postgres-Arrays gem? I tried without the AR-Postgres-Array gem as well, but got the same result.

PS: I've tried this against the master branch of AR JDBC Adapter.


this is likely a bug on our side not behaving exactly as MRI+Rails 3.1 esp. since we support 3.x/4.x from the same code and for 4.0 there's array support added (which gets turned off but still might have issues) ... 3 options :

  • fix it on our side ( please contribute at least some code in the comments to reproduce )
  • update to Rails 4.0
  • avoid using posgres-array gem ... and try to figure if you can handle the cases

@kares -- thank you for the quick response.

For someone switching from MRI+Rails 3.x what's the recommendation? Remove activerecord-postgres-array & activerecord-postgres-hstore from the Gemfile because AR JDBC Adapter supports these postgres data-types by default?

Btw, I played around with activerecord-postgres-array and figured out that by changing the array-detection condition on to:

if array?

It gets to sorta work, but is still buggy (the string returned by type_cast_code_with_array is never executed/evaled by anything)

I tested postgres array support with bare AR JDBC Adapater, and it doesn't seem to support anything out of the box. Test code available at


@kares -- Is the structure of ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::JdbcColumn & Arjdbc::PostgreSQL::Column exactly the same as ?

I've spend the last 3 hours trying various things to track down the bug, and I'm at my wit's end as to what's happening here. Some observations:

  • In MRI, type_cast_code_with_array is called for all columns in a table, at least once. The code (string) returned by this function is then executed for every array column/cell that is read from the DB.
  • However, in JRUBY, type_cast_code_with_array is NOT called for all columns in a table. It is not getting called for character varying[] or timestamp without time zone[] while it is called for boolean[]. Moreover, the code (string) returned by this function, is never executed!
  • MRI does not have the ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::PostgreSQLColumn.array? method, while jRuby does. On the other hand, the value of ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::PostgreSQLColumn.sql_type in MRI is boolean[], decimal[], etc. whereas in jRuby it lacks the trailing square brackets.

If you give me some hint about what the bug is, I think I can fix the bug and submit a PR. But, I'll be unable to follow the code-flow in the jRuby version without your help.


I'm sorry I would need to look deep as well to have useful hints/help. in JDBC there's type information available thus we might no go through all the string/type_cast methods (but than it might be a bug as well). array? is there due AR 4.0 and also sql_type should have been correct but than that might be due AR 4.0 and/or an incompatibility ...

I was new to this code as well thus you definitely can figure things out :) ... on the other hand if it's not fun anymore just come up with (more) test code - that will help a lot - e.g. for the expected sql_type for the columns on 3.1/3.2 ...


@kares --

  1. which version of AR JDBC Adapter did not have AR4.0 compatibility?
  2. At what point is ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::JdbcTypeConverter used? I tried putting a puts in initialize, choose_best_types, & choose_type and _none_of them seem to be getting called.

@kares, tried with 1.2.9 and everything seems to be working fine. So, it definitely is a regression, and I have a hunch it may be due to which is non-existent in pre-AR4.0 code


OK, thanks just add some tests than (if you have more than in the gists) - hopefully I'll look at this next week or so ...

@kares kares referenced this issue from a commit in kares/activerecord-jdbc-adapter
@kares kares [postgres] allow returning string values for (JDBC) arrays with (fixes

... due compatibility with AR < 4.0 (and gems that depend on previous func)
@kares kares closed this issue from a commit
@kares kares [postgres] allow returning string values for (JDBC) arrays with (fixes

... due compatibility with AR < 4.0 (and gems that depend on previous func)
@kares kares closed this in fa546ee
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