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[rails 4.1] create_table_definition changed from 3 to 4 parameters. #522

jcoyne opened this Issue · 6 comments

4 participants

Justin Coyne Yves Senn Gary S. Weaver Karol Bucek
Justin Coyne

Introduced here: rails/rails@75a2e4a

Yves Senn

I hope we can get this resolved before Rails 4.1 ships. Updating the signature should be good enough to get it working:

Gary S. Weaver garysweaver referenced this issue from a commit in FineLinePrototyping/irie
Gary S. Weaver garysweaver fixing Rails 4.1 test/appraisal to use 4.1 beta vs 4.0, scaling back …
…appraisal combos. for jruby/Rails 4.1+ issue see: jruby/activerecord-jdbc-adapter#522
Gary S. Weaver

Does that work? Travis passed.

Justin Coyne

It looks good, but there aren't any tests covering it.

Gary S. Weaver

@jcoyne K, but that means it wasn't covered before either right, because I am basically doing almost the same thing? Will see if I can add test(s) to run checking rails version 4.1+ to send in some table create SQL as the "as".

Justin Coyne

@garysweaver Yeah, I hear you. It's definitely better now than before. You're the one with commit access, so run the project however you want. I'm sure you'd be happy to have a PR with tests, right? :wink:

Karol Bucek

this should have failed anyways but since the rails-4.1 was not "yet" at the method signature change - it did not ...
I might be wrong here thus a test is welcome anyways, keep in mind that they need to be 1.8 syntax and that we run our tests all the way down to 2.3 ... thank you for caring about JRuby on Rails!

Karol Bucek kares closed this
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