1.3.0 (08/29/13)

@kares kares released this Aug 29, 2013 · 1236 commits to master since this release

  • [oracle] fix structure_dump: column['data_default'] might come back as ''
  • [oracle] avoid the JDBC call connection.getMetaData with exec_query (#453)
  • review MSSQL/HSQLDB/H2 explain - make sure prepared statements are used
  • [oracle] make sure explain works with prepared statements
  • warn users about using our now deprecated suble_binds "extension"
  • [mysql] username defaults to 'root' on MRI
  • [mysql] match columns returned with latest AR 4.0 (collation, strict, extra)
  • only suble_binds if not an arel passed + allow to turn bind subling off
  • [postgres] fix extension_enabled? to work with raw boolean values
  • [derby] setting true/false into text/string columns values should use to_s also non-serializable attrs should use to_s (instead of to_yaml) on 3.x
  • [derby] needs quote_table_name_for_assignment (on AR 4.0)
  • [postgres] driver "hooks" to make PG types work with prepared statements, now working: ranges, arrays, interval, (ip) addr types, tsvector, json and uuid
  • missing last_insert_id_result method on PostgreSQL (#450)
  • emulate pre AR 4.0 behavior with date-times/booleans (in custom SELECTs) they will be returned as (raw) strings on AR 3.x
  • warn when driver is not JDBC 4.0 compilant when checking if valid (#445)
  • fix inline rescue syntax - invalid syntax at MSSQL's string_to_time (#444)
  • no need to (double) update LOB values when using prepared statements
  • replaced emulate_booleans with emulate_booleans? on adapter specs
  • [firebird] emulate booleans with char(1) + fix time and review native types
  • [db2] using new update_lob_values - now handles null inserts safely (#430)
  • [mssql] configurable update_lob_values? - string_to_binary no longer abused
  • refactored SerializedAttributesHelper and moved to Util::SerializedAttributes there's now a new update_lob_columns helper hooked onto AR::Base for adapters that send clob/blob values in a separate statement DB2, Oracle, MSSQL, Firebird

Code Contributors (in no particular order): @agios