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JRuby, an implementation of Ruby on the JVM
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antlib Merge branch 'jruby-1_7'
bench [Truffle] Remove old benchmarks - see bench9000 instead.
bin [build] add missing file
core Merge branch 'test-load-service'
install Yow old shipped JREs
ivy Bump for next dev version
lib [Truffle] Fix remaining failures of SizedQueue.
maven [build] some build fixes truffle, jruby-jars, check_versions
rakelib ensure relative paths do NOT load unless "." is on $LOAD_PATH
samples Revert "Remove FFI"
spec [Truffle] String#partition works now that String#index works.
test skip test which ensure current directory is NOT on loadpath
tool [Truffle] JT: Let :files be the default for MSpec.
truffle [Truffle] Implemented most of String#index.
.gitattributes *.bash files are text files
.gitignore Ignore psych since it is a gem now.
.travis.yml [Truffle] Switch to using library rather than RubySL specs. * Reduce text to make it easier to see what is needed for the initial…
COPYING [Truffle] Import rubysl-strscan
LEGAL Adding back LEGAL (for Ola)
LICENSE.RUBY Add license text for ruby licensed modules jruby.authors += self
Rakefile Better pattern to filter out org.jruby sources from Rake output.
VERSION switch back to Remove patchlevel from Ruby version, since MRI doesn't use it now.
findbugs.xml Ignore intentional String equality checking in RubyModule in FindBugs.
lifecycle-mapping-metadata.xml * Updated config for Eclipse IDE
pom.rb [build] update some default gems version and use them all from maven-…
pom.xml [build] update some default gems version and use them all from maven-…

JRuby - A Java implementation of the Ruby language

Master: Build Status 1.7 branch: Build Status

Authors: Stefan Matthias Aust, Anders Bengtsson, Geert Bevin, Ola Bini, Piergiuliano Bossi, Johannes Brodwall, Rocky Burt, Paul Butcher, Benoit Cerrina, Wyss Clemens, David Corbin, Benoit Daloze, Thomas E Enebo, Robert Feldt, Chad Fowler, Russ Freeman, Joey Gibson, Kiel Hodges, Xandy Johnson, Kelvin Liu, Kevin Menard, Alan Moore, Akinori Musha, Charles Nutter, Takashi Okamoto, Jan Arne Petersen, Tobias Reif, David Saff, Subramanya Sastry, Chris Seaton, Nick Sieger, Ed Sinjiashvili, Vladimir Sizikov, Daiki Ueno, Matthias Veit, Jason Voegele, Sergey Yevtushenko, Robert Yokota, and many gracious contributors from the community.

Project Contact: Thomas E Enebo

JRuby also uses code generously shared by the creator of the Ruby language, Yukihiro Matsumoto


JRuby is the effort to recreate the Ruby ( interpreter in Java.

The Java version is tightly integrated with Java to allow both to script any Java class and to embed the interpreter into any Java application. See the docs directory for more information.



bin/jruby rubyfile.rb

interprets the file rubyfile.rb.

If you checked out from the repository or downloaded the source distribution, see the next section to build JRuby first.

Compiling from source

See BUILDING for more information.


See BUILDING: Developing and Testing for more information.

More Information

Visit for more information.

Visit for the Maven Site documentation.


Read the COPYING file.

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