1.1.14 (24/02/14)

@kares kares released this Feb 25, 2014 · 215 commits to master since this release

  • re-invent the ErrorApp without Rack::File and with support for 503(.html)
  • when jruby.rack.error.app is set - make sure it's actually used (fixes #166)
  • review Railtie for setting relative_url_root - do not override if already set
  • support setting a "relative url root" even with plain rack applications for
    now needs to be explicitly configured with rack.relative_url_root_variable
  • honor the set config.log_formatter when setting up logger in Rails
  • when a header is added response should be considered handled (#153)
  • support for returning managed applications from rack factory decorators
    using RackApplicationFactoryDecorator.getManagedApplications
  • use .equals() rather than == since the level string is not always the same
    object instance as defined by the RackLogger interface
  • support (building) rake gem on RubyGems 2.0 (removed Gem::Builder)
  • rack 1.5.x support for 'our' servlet session store (with backwards-compat)