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For contributors, the jruby-rack release process goes something like the following:

update the target version using rake update_version commit the change and run rake release which does about:

  1. Ensure that release version is correct in pom.xml and mvn install runs clean.
  2. Ensure generated changes to src/main/ruby/jruby/rack/version.rb are checked in.
  3. Ensure is updated with latest release information.
  4. Tag current release in git: git tag <version>.
  5. Push commits and tag: git push origin master --tags
  6. Build gem: rake clean gem
  7. Push gem: gem push target/jruby-rack-*.gem
  8. Release jar to maven repository: mvn -DupdateReleaseInfo=true deploy

optionally it is recommended to update the version after the release to the next development "SNAPSHOT" using rake update_version again and commit the changes